These pages present a selection of books on archaeology, ancient history, numismatics and linguistics, published in Russia in English, German and Russian lanuages.

Familiarity with the Russian language is not widespread among scholars except for experts in Slavic languages and history, and many important scientific works originally published in Russian are often not available to foreign scholars or become known only through short, sometimes inaccurate, reports. Unfortunately, Russian publishers and academic institutions still make little efforts to promote their publications, and to distribute them through common channels.

The aim of this project has been to make the results of current scientific studies available to a larger number of scholars through the publication of new, serious, well researched books in English, German, and French. Most of our publications are original works and are published for the first time. Particularly important are the publications of archaeological and museum collections, archaeological reports, texts, and dictionaries, which present earlier unavailable or unknown data. All of our research and publishing projects are carried out jointly with well-known research institutions: the Hermitage (St. Petersburg), the Pushkin Museum of Fine Arts (Moscow), the German Archaeological Institute (Berlin), the Institute of Archaeology (Moscow), as well as with independent scholars from Russia, Germany and the United States, who share our scientific interests.

At present, we are the only scientific publisher in Russia that offers a convenient system for orders from Europe and the United States. The subscription and discounts that we offer for some of our continued publications are useful for institutions and libraries, and we encourage you to order books directly from us — this will strongly support our research and publishing projects.

We hope that our books will broaden the resources available for the field of Humanities and will contribute to closer cooperation among scholars, regardless of the languages they speak or the countries where they live.

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