Plate 8. Burial-mound 1. 1. West face of the dromos wall in the Central Tomb and the adjacent stonework; 2. Central Tomb, north-east sector. Layer of clay between wattle and stonework; 3. Join of first wattle circle and the collapsed fabric of the North Tomb; 4. Profile of the clay cover over the spoil of stones from the North Tomb, view from the North; 5. Outer faces of the spoil from the walls of the North Tomb; 6. Inner faces of walls of the entrance chamber of the North Tomb; 7. Ruined section of the krepis in the north-east sector; 8. Ditto, viewed from the outside. Plate 9. Burial-mound 1. Outer surface of the krepis wall (rolled-out plan, Sheet 1).

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